Can a Down Payment of $500 Get You an Auto Loan?

If your credit score is around 550, you may be able to qualify for a $500 down payment car loan from a special finance dealership. Subprime lenders understand the complexities of credit issues and have a better understanding of bad credit than traditional lenders.
These lenders check your credit and look at other factors, including the amount of the down payment. A down payment of at least 500 dollars is highly recommended for a vehicle that has a low-price tag.

Improve your LTV ratio

Although a down payment of 500 dollars won’t get you a loan for a car, it can help improve your LTV ratio, lowering your interest rate, and keeping you from getting into an underwater situation. A good down payment also shows the lender that you have a stable job, a high income, and a place to live. This can help your application be approved more quickly.
While it is true that a down payment of only a few hundred dollars can make a big difference in your car loan, a higher down payment increases your chances of getting a loan. Increasing the amount of money, you put down helps to make the monthly payments more affordable, and reduces the lender’s risk. And the higher the down payment, the better the interest rate you can negotiate.

Depends on the lender

Whether a down payment of $500 will get you an auto loan depends on the lender. Most lenders prefer a down payment of at least $1000, or 20% of the value of the car. If you have a good credit history, a down payment of just $500 can work, but if you’re struggling with bad credit, you may want to consider a bigger down payment.
While a down payment of only five hundred dollars can get you an auto loan, it is usually not enough to get approved. In most cases, a down payment of one thousand dollars or 20% of the vehicle’s value will be the most suitable for a car loan. If you have a good credit history, a down payment of at least one thousand dollars is appropriate. If you’re a bad creditor, you should try to make a down payment of more. If you’re not sure, you can apply for no money down auto loans.

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